14. 07. 2016.



After "Red On Red" post, today I'm going to share with you what I received or bought through out first week of July. Even though I wouldn't say I'm a big shopping person, sometimes a short trip to drugstore is very good idea.

1.Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume

First thing I bought was Estee Lauder Pleasues perfume. I had this scent on my mind for a quite a while, so one day I decided to give myself a little treat.

Price:€ 83.00
Where to buy? dm (dugstore)

2.deBBy Mono Eyeshadow 

Next thing I decided to purchase was this little mono, bronze, shimmery eyeshadow. I fell in love with it and decided to treat myself once again.

Shade: 03
Price: € 2.66
Where to buy? Bipa (drugstore)

3.Catrice Cosmetics Counturing Palette

This might sound weird but I've never owned any counturing palettes.As with everything when you're about to buy something for the first time you visit good old drugstore.That is the story behind this purchuse.

Pice: € 4.25
Where to buy? dm (drugstore)

4.Deborah gel effect nailpolish

Even though I do not have very presentable nails I decided to encourage myself with a little, pretty nailpolish to start growing them back. Hopefully this time it will work.

Price: € 5.20
Shade: 20 Mixed Berries
Where to buy? dm (drugstore)

5.HyMy bracelets & earrings

These 3 beautiful jewelry pieces were actually sent to me by ever so gorgeous Petra from HyMy.
You can find out more about her and her products on her:

Facebook Page

xx Antonela

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